Full text of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

It’s very easy to find the full text of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens online or in your library. Like many classics, you can also usually buy a copy at a bookstore for just a few dollars, because it’s out of print. It might have an ugly cover and be printed on cheap paper, but hey, for a few dollars you can’t complain.

Imagine having a nice version of the A Christmas Carol book – for free!

Here at Edification.shop, we want to make your classic ebooks experience a pleasant one. We’ve handcrafted a beautiful new ebook edition of Dickens’ classic Christmas tale for you to download for free.

Why Edification ebooks are different

If you’ve ever downloaded a free ebook, you may have found that it wasn’t an ideal reading experience. Pages break at weird places or chapters aren’t linked properly.

I want every classic ebook to be beautiful, so I strip out the html and start from scratch.

An ebook will never replace the beauty of having a leather-bound copy of A Christmas Carol sitting on your bookshelf. But there is something to be said for always having a copy of Dickens’ classic in your pocket! That’s why book lovers love ereaders as well as physical copies of books.

So what makes an Edification ebook different to any other ebook you can download? Simply, I read a lot of classics. I love them and read them and devour them and read about them – and all of this mostly on my phone or Kindle. So I know how a good ebook should feel.

I’ve been travelling a lot for the past decade so I had to put most of my physical library in storage. I miss books, I really do. But I’ve come to love my ebook collection – first out of necessity, then out of convenience, and then, once I learned how to format them, out of genuine awe.

So what’s in this full text version of A Christmas Carol?

Ebook cover of the full text of A Christmas Carol by Charles DickensEverybody knows the story of A Christmas Carol. Whether you’ve seen a film adaptation, got dragged along to a pantomime as a kid, or read an illustrated version, at some point you were introduced to Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, Marley and the terrifying ghosts of past, present and future.

Yet even though everybody knows the story, many people have never read the original text.

The story of A Christmas Carol has become a crucial part of Western culture. This short little tale has had a lasting effect, almost 200 years later. It’s a testament to Dickens’ power as a storyteller.

If you’ve never read the original – or you read it a looong time ago – you can download a full text version of A Christmas Carol – complete and unabridged – for free by using the download buttons on this page.

This ebook version of A Christmas Carol has been adapted from the full text downloaded from Project Gutenberg.

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