How much is shipping?

Depending on the product and where from/to you’re shipping, the cost varies between around $5 to $12.

Once you add an item to the cart, you can calculate your shipping by updating the delivery location.

To save on shipping costs, you can select where you want to order from. Look out for the “Ships from” tag to find the country nearest to you.

How do you choose the quotes and images?

All the quotes and images are carefully chosen by me, Nat Newman. I’m an award-winning short story writer – and a bona fide word nerd and science lover.

I then work with designers to create each unique item.

Everything in the catalogue is something I personally want to own – and I hope you do too!

How long does shipping take?

Please note, that your item is created AFTER you hit the buy button.

Your item will then be individually manufactured before being shipped.

You should allow 21 days to receive your Edifying item.

Who makes the products?

Currently, I source all products through Printify using their trusted manufacturers. As I find more producers that I like, I’ll add them here.